Sunday, November 21, 2021

Very Sporty Weekend

Can you believe this tiny baby is eating BIG KID LUNCHES?!
She's pretty proud
Cooper played hockey this weekend, and we had so much fun watching
Especially Minnie, who really likes going Anyplace.
We are having a Very Sporty Weekend, and I know I will change my tune eventually, but we loooooooved it. Cooper has been so much happier since he started playing hockey again. I think the exercise is part of it, but he really loves playing. He gets lots of exercise swimming, too, and he likes swimming, but hockey is his true love. I am so glad he can play again.

Our county mask mandate expires on 11/27, and -- despite rising cases-- public health officials have said they will not renew it. So, we figured we'd take Minnie to the rink while the taking is good. If I can get all my house work done, I plan to spend the afternoon at dive with Jack and Cooper where I have big plans to read 2 books in 2 hours. CAN IT BE DONE?

What about masks in schools? Our district has said they'll be in place until 1/21 and then they'll reevaluate. Neighboring districts have said they are going to mask optional in January, and I don't know if ours-- the biggest and most economically stratified-- will follow suit. I hope not, but I think it will be OK because all 4 school-going kids will be vaccinated AND wearing masks.

How are you feeling about loosening restrictions/rising cases? Vaccinated kids without masks in school?


  1. Our (small city in Texas) elementary had a mask mandate for a few glorious weeks and then lifted it VERY quietly. (I only knew Bc I was working book fair and…hey! Why is no one wearing masks?!) But Corbett will get his second dose a week from tomorrow and will still be masking…and he’s been ok so far (despite at least one case per week in his school all year), so…he’ll be more protected and we’ll just keep crossing fingers. Honestly I’m just so glad he’ll be fully vaxxed so soon. What a relief. I’ve been able to mostly just Not Think About It since august, but it’s a big load off.

  2. Anonymous1:28 PM

    My governor and state legislature are actively working to "win" the worst case rates and death rates per capita in the country. Our school year started mask optional, and we sent our vaccinated kids in KN95s. I am vaccinated but also immunocompromised so have been surveillance testing weekly. We haven't had it, thankfully. Our schools are mandating masks right now but have announced that they will go mask optional on the first day back in January. We are planning to send the kids in masks until cases go down and/or until they are boosted. I think if you wear a KN95 appropriately and are vaccinated, that is as much as you can minimize your risk short of never leaving the house.