Friday, November 12, 2021

Social media detox

Hockey is going well, and surprisingly? Having another thing to do is making our nights go smoother. I have no idea why it's working that way, especially because the time change means I am always driving in the dark, which I pretty much hate. 

Speaking of Happy Gilmore:
The other day, I participated in Laura Tremaine's cool Instagram thing #OneDayHH where you take a pic every hour of your day and share it. I LOVE this day on IG because it is so fun to see how people do their lives. But! I noticed that I was distracted and irritable ALL DAY. The next day, I didn't open Facebook or IG all day, and my day? Was wonderful. I spent time one-on-one with every kid, got tons of work done, cooked and cleaned a lot a lot and didn't get crabby once even though I for sure have PMS.

So then I stayed off social media the following day, and ... SAME.

Even though I get screen time reports from my IOS and KNOW that I spend a ton of time caught in the scroll, I had no idea how much time it really was and also how fractured it made the rest of my time feel. WOW.

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