Thursday, November 04, 2021

Thank You!

 Thanks for all the great advice and support on yesterday's post. Such good ideas! I am also happy to hear that what feels impossible might just be impossible.

I am moving to fix Minnie's bedtime and our overall sleep situation. I was waiting for the time change to happen before committing to getting her to STTN and sliding bedtime up a bit-- I will keep you posted.

My favorite was Corey's comment that my solo nights are probably just a shitshow, and I need to stop thinking they'll be something else. This is the reframe I need, and Kate echoed it on Instagram, telling me to just let some stuff go already.

She handed me bows one by one and stood still while I made her a bow cap, and I LOVE IT.

(j/k-- it's empty, obvs)

Found when I made Dorothy's bed:

Who cares if she's a little bear before bedtime? She's too adorable the rest of the time

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