Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Nosy neighbor and baby Harry

 Good news: I have HALVED my screen time by staying the eff away from my phone.

Bad news: I barely take any pictures.

I did snap this one of my very nosiest neighbor:

Let's see: 

  • Thanksgiving! Right around the corner. As I admit in this Madison Mom post, though, we have outsourced a lot of the cooking.
  • Also, I am reading a lot of romance novels lately. They are pretty much all I want to listen to when I am exercising or doing housework because the world feels like a lot. You can find my recent faves here.
  • I am in shock that the end of the semester is approaching, and I have spent some time taking stock of the ways COVID has improved my work flow. I will post about it soon because November has a lot of days, and I am running out of thoughts.
  • I don't know if I am ever going to be ready to eat inside a restaurant again, and I know how weird that makes me.
  • The kid who I named this blog for? IS GOING TO DRIVE A CAR SOON and what the hell happened? He was just a baby the last time I checked.

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