Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Hard Pants November

 I pretended to be an IG influencer on Saturday and took pictures of myself in the LOFTdressing room. And then didn't post them because I mean WHY WOULD I? (My friend had a LOFT shopping party, and I love nothing more than meeting up with area bloggers and also discounts).

Def bought this sweater, and wish I had bought this one, too. because it is SO pink.
This was a big nope, and looking at the pics, I am glad it was.
I DID buy this sweater, but I think I will wear it opn?
This turtle neck/sweater is my fave-- totally a grown up little kid outfit
These are my real clothes. I have been doing Stitch Fi again, and this sweater! Might be my favorite thing I have ever gotten from there
I am trying to wear hard pants all month, and I think I am much happier on my home days when I get dressed for real. There is something to be said for feeling pulled together all the time. I remember a million years ago, Kate told me to ditch my stretchy pants if I really wanted to lose weight, and I think the same can be said for maintaining weight. CROSS YOUR FINGERS

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  1. OMG. These are all SO CUTE! I love the sweater/skirt combo