Thursday, November 11, 2021

Mostly just pictures of Minnie, if I am being honest

Someday I will stop taking pictures of this adorable baby when she is sound asleep, but that day has not yet come, apparently.
The little kids had no school one day last week, and I attempted to make kid math work in my favor by stirring up a crock pot of hot cocoa, popping a ton of popcorn, and inviting a mess of kids over.

The girls had dramZ and not a lot of fun

But the boys were happy little clams.
Sign of times to come? I HOPE NOT.

Harrison had a backyard party the next night, but he also had a student congress tournament that he participated in virtually. I walked by his bedroom with some laundry to hear hum giving a fiery speech about organ donation. The pandemic just keeps getting more weird

Minnie passed the time by taking lots of neighborhood walks.
That serious face! THOSE MITTENS!
Have I mentioned that she's a writer? 

Well, SHE IS:

Also a voracious reader


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