Friday, November 19, 2021

Busier is Better-- Who Knew?

Am I the only person who has pretty much abandoned LIPSTICK? I never thought it would happen, but when I go places, I wear a mask, and it just seems superfluous.
Ok, guys. I think we solved our evening problems by NEVER BEING HOME. After I posted my sob story, I realized that I started taking my Monday evening meeting at home instead of the dance school parking lot, and this is where my real problems began. When I take the meeting at dance, I am off limits until 5:30, and then I get a 15-minute drive with just one kid to ease into mom mode. This is SO MUCH BETTER than sitting at the table while life happens around me and jumping in as soon as the meeting is over even if I still have emails to send, etc.

Also, it is fun to mix up who is home. Sometimes Harry holds down the fort, and I drop a kid off somewhere solo. Sometimes Ben does a bunch of pick ups in a row and feeds everyone fast food. Sometimes I stay home and feed them packed lunches. Every night is different, and that helps things feel fun.

One other tiny tweak is that Jack and Harry occasionally take the bus home when things are hectic, and this has been YUGE.

For some weird reason, tossing hockey in has smoothed everything else out. Totally unexpected.

Here we are on the way to swim, after a quick dance and high school pick up and a dinner at home pit stop:

When I got home from the dropping, leaving Ben to do a round of picking up, I found Minnie in her favorite pants:


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  1. I've completely abandoned everything but mascara and when I put on a full face for pictures I was like, "Huh. Maybe I haven't aged and gotten more tired. Maybe I just forgot what I looked like on a daily basis before masks?"