Thursday, November 18, 2021

Course prep rabbit hole

 I am about to five into the rabbit hole I mention in the title of this post. By Thanksgiving, I want to be completely prepared to teach in the spring so that I can enjoy every single second of the holiday season with little kids. Little kids are THE BEST around the holidays. They think every stinking thing is magical.

I guess, though, that the title of this post and that rambling bit above has nothing to do with the random pictures here. But this blog is nothing if not a brain dump, so...

Minnie and Dorothy both love my ginormous pink driving glasses.

Oh, Minnie. Baby tights and a baby pony tail.

Her little fake crinkly nose smile!
You should see her try to walk in these boots! They're super heavy, and if her pants are tucked in they get sucked down. Winter is a struggle.
I told you they love my glasses.

Ok-- I must dive into syllabi and academic calendars. BRB

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