Saturday, November 06, 2021


 It's FOR SURE time to wear holiday ugly sweaters-- if you ask my kids, that is.

Omg every single day is a LEWK. When she attends in-person school, I am going to have to start making her brush her hair.
This guy has a dumb sweater for every day of the week.
But note I did swap out my Halloween accessories for general fall-themed junk. and we still have a skeleton wrapped in a spider web on our porch (problematic, sure, but in a different way than lights already, yes?)

I am almost sick of baking with pumpkin, and we are ready to roll into cookie season. We're ready for snow and have assembled all of the cozy gear we could ever want. Bring it, winter.

When Hanukkah starts right after Thanksgiving, I feel like we can legit bring the holiday cheer as soon as the jack o lanterns rot, you know?

Also! While you read this, DOROTHY AND COOPER ARE GETTING THEIR FIRST COVID VACCINE DOSE and I am so excited I cannot even.

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