Friday, November 26, 2021

Hygge Life

 Sometimes, I start dreaming about my first cup of coffee of the following day while I am still in the middle of the current day. Does anyone else do this? I love the day's first cup of coffee like no other thing. First of all, I am old and haul my decrepit bones out of bed many times in the middle of the night with a wakeful baby, so I really do need my magic beans. But more than that, a first cup of coffee is like drinking the promise of a new day. So much potential! No possibilities are foreclosed! A cup of optimism! I used to feel the same way about the morning's first cigarette (LOLz for days).

Now, though, I frequently find myself fantasizing about putting on my favorite PJ's and collapsing on the couch at the end of the day, too. I love a good cozy morning to start things off and a slow cozy night to end them.

Sometimes I don't even want to take my PJ's off, even. In fact, here I am taking Jack to school in my jammies. We even stopped at Starbucks on the way (but he ran inside, obvi).

Hygge. It's a whole lifestyle.

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  1. I didn’t start drinking coffee until after I quit smoking, but I imagine drinking coffee on the porch, early in the morning, with that first cigarette, to be as close to perfection as earthly possible