Tuesday, November 23, 2021

A couple quick recipes

How to describe Minnie's love of pasta dishes? I think her above smile (and the orange stain on her white high chair tray says it all).

(Do you love this polite let-me-eat-breakfast smile? I do)

I am sure you have all already thought about this because you are much smarter than I am, BUT. When you are making a batch of something ahead of time to freeze for later, don't choose STUFFED SHELLS or anything that you have to, like, stuff or touch in some way. Making 2 casseroles? Easy peasy. Making twice as much soup as normal? Sure thing. Making 70 teeny lasagnas instead of 35? STOOPID.

(But also delicious.)

(I made these with a whole whole whole bunch of chopped up spinach-- I also pureed a can of san marzano tomatoes and threw like 1/3 of them in the filling)

THESE cookies-- delish!


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