Monday, November 15, 2021

Monday Minnie

Oh, you guys. I thought this baby was waking up early before the time change. GAH. And! She has a sixth sense about when my alarm is going off so I can work out, and she wakes up JUST RIGHT BEFORE IT.
She loves nothing more than being one of the kids. It's the cutest thing.
Well, except maybe cream cheese. She might love cream cheese the very most. Did you know that cream cheese is a finger food?
The fuzzy hair! The bare foot! The little face all buttoned up!
That little bit of chub between her sock and her pants leg is my favorite spot.
My dad bought baby Dorothy this silly hat, and it's the cutest thing. I love the fleece roses, the ear flaps, and the fact that it ties around her chin, especially handy because Minnie hates hats and will fling them all off as fast as she can. But not this one **evil laugh**


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