Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Merry and Bright

We have been going to the same adorable tree farm since 2010, and we even got our family pictures taken there this year (and as I type that sentence, it occurs to me that my holiday cards are NOT in fact going to mail themselves and maybe I should walk to the post office next time my watch tells me to stand up and get some holiday stamps??)

Usually we cut one down, but with Minnie, we decided we were probably pre-cut people this year.

Cooper surveys our options:
Minnie shrieked the WHOLE TIME. She is really bothered by Christmas trees, especially when they are in her house.
Can you spot Ben?
My view on the way home:
A friend and I shopped small business Saturday, and I got this adorable nativity set, mostly because Minnie can't play with the one we have from Ben's childhood
Snarky teen picked out a snarky ornament
So jolly, you guys
Candy cane, light necklace, delighting at all of the ornaments:
Leftover break
My favorite ornament:

This picture is notable because we all dressed for the football game, and Minnie yelled/growled "BUCKY" when asked who was on her shirt
(Before we got the tree, these two go their second shot!!!!! YAY!!!! Also, Cooper played in a hockey game immediately following his vaccine, hence the hockey clothes.

Ben and Minnie watched the guys put trees on our roof while I took the other kids inside the farm store for ornaments, as per tradition
Still waiting for the trees to be secure
This is my favorite shot of the day


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  1. We bought a real tree last year (thinking it was going to be our last year living in this house...plot twist! It wasn't.) and I had the same view! It was from a stand literally three minutes from the house and as we were almost home there was the terrifying noise of branches SLIDING on the sunroof glass (think little hands sliding down a glass door, imagery). It had started scooting backwards off the roof! When I say we drove at a CRAWL home I am NOT joking. Darn, tree! Lol.