Monday, February 12, 2018


Looking through my photos from lately, I noticed SO MANY pictures of food.  Like, seriously.

I think it's because I am really hungry like 70% of of my day.  Which, I gotta tell you, is starting to backfire because when I enter my 8-hour eating window, I just sort of eat the whole time.  Ha!

I turned Harry and Jack loose (at Wal-Mart of all places) and let them buy WHATEVER they wanted for their party. LOLz for days.
 The other morning, I whipped up some chocolate chip scones for breakfast and then discovered that Harry is the only person who even likes scones and he was already at school.  Boo.  (But then the kids took them to hockey and shared with friends, and they were gone in a second.)  Also, I just realized that I never ate one because I don't really like scones very much either.  Ha!
 You know what I DO like, though? Peanut butter, jelly, and Dorito sandwiches.
 Family movie Friday, plus Costco pizza and Fever Pitch.
 Happy Super Bowl!
 These cookies!  They are so alluring I ate them at 11 am and then had to stop eating at 7 and spent the next day SO HUNGRY until 1.  GAH.
 Sausage and peppers for dinner instead of just adding boring old turkey to my spaghetti sauce like usual.  Easy AND delicious.
 Ready for book club!!
 My fave way to make chicken for tacos, nachos, or burrito bowls: a couple of frozen breasts, a packet of tacos seasoning, a jar of green salsa, a can of Rotel, and a brick of cream cheese.  I let it cook all day while I am at work and then will shred before dinner.
 A little Galentine's Day shopping on my way to the office.

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