Saturday, February 03, 2018

18 in 2018: January NAILED IT or FAILED IT

1. Blog everyday:  NAILED IT
2. No FB 9-5 M-F:  FAILED IT.  I blame winter break.  Most of my january was a huge weekend.  Also I discovered this totally addictive secret group for academic moms and the rest is time-wasting history.  I am redoubling my efforts.  Actually that's not true because zero times zero is zero.  Gah.
3.  Read 100 books:  NAILED IT.  I had a YUGE reading month.
4.  Read Poetry: NAILED IT!
5.  Table Setting: FAILED IT!  For sure!
6.  Book plot/writing:  FAILED IT, but I DO have a plot now, you guys.  So, yay!
7.  Print Pics: NAILED IT!  Just now!  When I edited this post.
8.  Track Spending:  NAILED IT!
9.  Post on Insta and 1SE: NAILED IT SORT OF because I had to go back and catch up a lot and might be off-track on my Insta 365 hashtag. But this is the most vapid resolution in the universe, so who cares?
10:  Have a dinner party: NAILED IT, but the kids were there, too, and it escalated into kid-fueled chaos.  So, not a grown up diner, but another family came over, and they ate dinner.  Totes counts.
11.  Let the kids entertain more at home: NAILED IT for Harry.  The others not so much.
12.  Write poetry:  NAILED IT!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!
13.  Volunteer for candidates:  FAILED IT.  So far.
14.  Clean the closet + maintain it: FAILED IT.
15.  Family movie night:  NAILED IT!
16.  Paint the downstairs and fix the bathroom:  FAILED IT
17.  Harmonious mornings:  FAILED IT bigly.  Will keep working.
18:  More date nights:  NAILED IT but it was a day date-- we saw The Post while the kids were in school.  Totes counts.

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