Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The snow day that wasn't, really

Dorothy, seriously modeling her new rainbow shirt and teddy bear headband courtesy of the Target clearance rack:
 The kids' schools were closed for teacher development on Friday.  Then we got a bunch of snow and all of the neighboring districts said well hell let's close up shop.  But by noon, it was sunny and melted and perfect.


We headed downtown to the geology museum we never remember to go to
 And then we went bowing at the student center, my new favorite bowling alley. It was clean and served excellent beer.
 We all loved it.
 Except Dorothy was really pissed that she didn't win the first game.
 But snacks perked us all up.
 And then DOROTHY WON.  She went on to get a 112.
 We came home to frolic in the snow
 Work on Valentines
 And frolic some more.

 And then?  FAMILY MOVIE FRIDAY.  We watched Miracle to get in the Olympic mood.  Nailed it.  Beatrix could totes ski a marathon, obvs.

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