Thursday, February 22, 2018

MOTY, as usual

Jack got to be goalie at hockey finally.
 Actually, the finally part was news to us because he has never really mentioned wanting to before, but now he kind of does want to, I guess.  Which means what?  GOALIE CAMP ALL SUMMER? Or something like that.  The kid is really truly NOT AFRAID of the puck.  So, there's that.
 Dorothy got to be Child of the Week at school this week, and she was THRILLED to spend her Sunday morning doing homework and assembling all of the things.  Like her mystery box item.  Can you believe that no one guessed that hiding in the box was Noodles the Pig Who Goes Moo?
 She was also thrilled to crawl under Cooper's bed and evict all of the things that don't belong there, so maybe she just thrills easily?
 We took a little spin around Target so she could pick out a new outfit that was ostensibly for the first day of child of the week week, but she likes it so much she plans to wear it all of the days.  In a row.
 She spent literal hours making her poster.
 A materpiece for sure
 Every time I try to take a picture of her, this is what I get:
 Okay you guys.  I have recently discovered Insta stories, and so, most of my pics will have text on them basically for the rest of forever.

 I was SO AMAZINGLY PRODUCTIVE Tuesday morning.

I worked on my book
 Packed a bag of amusements for Dorothy because Ben had to bring her with him to Jack's Book Bowl competition

 and cleaned all of the bedrooms and bathrooms before I left for work at 8:30 (and I dropped Dorothy at school on my way).  TOTAL mother of the year for realz.

But I knew I was meeting a good friend for a delicious lunch-- maybe that was my motivation

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