Monday, February 26, 2018

More Life Hacks!

You GUYS!  Why did nobody tell me that you can do your hair in like 4 seconds with a stretch headband?!  You just put the headband over your hair (not under it-- know what I mean?) and then you take your hair that's hanging out and literally cram it under the headband and it looks all twisted and awesome but it LITERALLY took two seconds.  I could have looked WAY BETTER at preschool drop off for YEARS, you guys.

If you want your kids to play nicely together outside, DIG THEM SOME HOLES.  IT IS LITERALLY THAT SIMPLE.
This month, I discovered 2 amazing and cheap products that turn my normal, rushed, no-time-to-myself shower into a freaking spa experience.  I know that sounds sarcastic-- the freaking spa experience part-- but it's not.

First, this foaming conditioner:
It smells amazing.  It feels like mousse and is easy to apply to JUST the middle and end of my hair.  It's only $6, and it really helps my hair feel soft.  Plus, I can let it sink in while I do other things.

Speaking of doing other things!  This is THE BEST new face product I have tried lately.
It's a mask AND a scrub.  OH MY GOD-- a way to combine my 10-step skincare routine and do more masking.  It doesn't activate my rosacea, and it makes my skin feel amazing.  Also, it is $4 AND I can use it to exfoliate my feet. In the shower.  At the same time.  TOTAL SPA.

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