Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Things I am Leaving in February

  1. Shitty Sundays.  We often clean the house on Sundays, and when we have sports ball, our schedule gets squeezed, and I find myself using hot water to clean pieces of grime from between the floorboards in the kitchen at like 7:00, a time when I would rather be sitting on my ass on the couch with a mason jar of alcohol.  And!  I am a huge bitch about it, basically all day.  Part of this is that I like rules and order and I fear what would happen if I skipped a weekly deep clean.  In my mind, we would instantly descend into squalor, and there would literally be no return to clean living.  Typing this out, I know it is total nonsense. And yet.  So! Starting now, shitty Sundays are a things of the past.  If I really feel like I can't be happy without cleaning the house, then we will shuffle our commitments.  This might mean taking the long view of the weekend and scrubbing toilets on a Friday afternoon, or it might mean skipping a sports commitment or two or maybe it means taking a fucking Xanax and skipping wiping the fingerprints off the damn fridge (NEVER!).  Not sure yet, but I AM sure that I am going to relax and enjoy the weekend.  I clean because it brings me joy.  There's no need to be Joan Crawford about it.
  2. Shame spiraling.  I am going to engage my book everyday of the week.  I am going to act like I believe in my book.  I am going to WRITE MY FUCKING BOOK.

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