Tuesday, February 06, 2018

The Wednesday to end all Wednesdays

I think I have been complaining about Wednesdays for a while now.  If you go back to when I was pregnant with Dorothy and Ben had a late class and Jack and Harry had hockey to which I had to drag baby Cooper, I think you would see that Wednesday has really always been a soul-sucking catastrophe.

This semester is no different.

We have had a teeny bit of a break because Jack's tutor has been out of town all month, but even without that drop off and pick up and without gymnastics for Jack, Wednesdays are generally terrible.

Last week's, though, almost killed me.

It was so grueling, in fact, that these are the only pictures I took ALL DAY:

Weird coffin doll situation I found while cleaning up Coop's room:
 Best friends having a tea party:
 Vday pics for school parties (I took about a trillion,and I will show you the best ones tomorrow so you, too, can half-ass some Valentines if you want to)

And, of course, bedtime shirtless brownies:

The rest of the day?  OMFG.

5:00:  Wake up to do WORK before the breakfast rush starts
6:30-8:30: Get everyone to school and also clean 3 bedrooms and 32 bathrooms plus the living room and kitchen and also get dressed.
8:30-9:30: WORK
9:30-11: Pick up Cooper and take him to the respiratory therapist because his reactive airways issues is becoming asthma, at least when he has a cold.  The appointment was super interesting and confirmed what we basically already knew-- Cooper is thankfully totally fine unless he has a cold; then he is less fine-- but took FOREVER
11-11:30:  WORK at library
11:30-12:30: Pick up Dorothy and feed her, also clean up lunch and put away laundry, empty dishwasher, etc.  Dress Dorothy for dance-- easier said than done
12:30: Pick up Jack and take him to dance with us since he has a dr appointment later
1-1:45: WORK and also help jack with homework intermittently at dance
1:45-3:15: Take Jack to doc and worry the whole time that we won't be home in time to get Coop, which we almost aren't
3:15-4:30: WORK while kids take care of themselves and trash the effing house why do I even try?
4:30-6:10: Pharmacy run, hockey for Cooper, WORK while Jack and Dorothy run amok
6:30-8: Dinner, bedtime, shovel out the house etc.
8-11:00: WORK until I collapse from exhaustion. With a 5 am alarm set for Thursday to WORK more.

BAH.  Wednesday.

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