Wednesday, February 21, 2018


It started with Jack, 5 days before Valentines Day. 

High fever.  Positive flu test.  Prescription for Tamiflu.

 The urgent care pediatrician told us he had been contagious for a week before he started showing symptoms so we were all basically screwed.  But I sprayed everything with Lysol and cooked a huge vat of chicken soup and tucked Jack in his room with  TV for Netflix and Prime and an iPad to text us if he needed anything.  Harry moved to the basement couch for a few days, and we all just sort of crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.
Tamiflu was miraculous for Jack.  No side effects at all, and it knocked out his fever in 24 hours.  He was fever-free all day Sunday, but we kept him home from school Monday and Tuesday just to make sure.  We trotted off happily to his Valentine parties on Wednesday, and all was well.

 And then, on Thursday, both Dorothy and I were sick with coughs and fevers by mid afternoon.

But never fear-- nurse Beatrix was ON THE CASE.
 Boo for fevers, but yay for snuggling on the couch.
 And also in bed.
 And now!  Jack is done with his Tamiflu, but Dorothy has her very own prescription, and Harry and Cooper scored prophylactic Tamiflu scrips of their own because of asthma and heart issues.
I think we're all healthy now?  WHY DID I EVEN SAY THAT? Although I still have a truly ridiculous cough.

Also, harry and I saw Black Panther, and you should, too.

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