Saturday, December 16, 2017

Eight Crazy Nights: Night 4

Book Night

Last night, I had to miss the Hanukkah festivities for a final exam, so we decided to give the kids books because last night?  I ALSO HOSTED MY FIRST BOOK CLUB!!!!  I know-- I am excited about it, too.

Also, Dorothy wore the world's cutest dress:
 Books!  The excitement is palpable, yes?  Harry got a book in the John Grisham series he's obsessed with; Jack got this classic.  Dorothy got Chelsea Clinton's book, and Cooper got this Bigfoot tome.
 Seriously you guys, I would so wear this.
 Morning after book club breakfast includes gourmet chocolate treats, an awesome fruit tray and s'mores bars.
 Ah s'mores bars.  They look like poop and taste like awesome.
 Beatrix would really like to try them.

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