Wednesday, December 27, 2017


I am the exact person who should not have a letter board because I think I am way funnier than I actually am.
 Dorothy got a ton of doll stuff, and she USES IT and I LOVE it!  Now if she could only also dress and undress them independently.  Baby steps.
 Dramatically bundled to walk the dog after whole minutes of complaining about walking the dog preceded by many more minutes of asking me to take him sledding.  WTF?
 They were throwing a tea party for some dolls.  Look at the guests in an unceremonious heap on the floor.  LOLz for days.
 Yes, this book is great, but the book light might be my favorite present.
 Santa brought her a doll bed, and she liked it so much that she used her Christmas money from Ben's parents to buy 2 more doll beds.  Ha!  Now this room is literally the dolls' bedroom.
 Harry's peripherals shelf is starting to make me twitchy.
I need to exercise today because I have been treating this break like an extended weekend.  I also need to vacuum the bedrooms and wipe down the bathrooms and wash all the bathroom linens.  And then there is the tree.  I think I would like it to go away today.  But!  The thing that feels like the biggest buzzkill is that I have to go get my hair cut and colored and it;s going to take FOREVER and I am going to have to drive at night (I am the biggest old lady ever, obvs).  Seriously I hate going to the hair place so much that I just basically don't, which is also not a great solution, I know.  Send me your best don't cancel vibes because my grays are running rampant, and my color starts mid-head.  Gah.

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