Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Blogging on my PHONE! Welcome to like 2005

Oh my god. There is a little sibling here at dance class with her dad and she is SOBBING and he doesn’t know how to comfort her and doesn’t seem to CARE that she’s the only kid here and is SO LOUD. Oh my GOD. 

I truly love it when Cooper borrows my photo and leaves me pictures like this. 

Last night was my department speech contest, AKA the one day of the semester that I need to be at work until almost midnight. I actually do love it. 

And also I can now totally recommend the Costco peppermint bark. 

Doesn’t he look scary?  It is all of the sudden freezing here. Like, one day it was warm and rainy and the next day BAM! Below freezing and so windy a Target receipt flew out of my bag in the parking lot. 

It is not my job to judge her hair preferences. I am just the lady who ties the bow. 

I have a hard time getting into this on my phone. It would be easier if I could, but I just can’t all of the way. 

Only a week left in the semester. A WEEK?! WHAT?! Next Friday, I will spend all darn day dealing with a final exam that I thankfully don’t have to grade. And then I am hosting my first ever book club meeting at my house, which is basically a dream come true. And then there’s nothing to do but bleed money and wait for an honors project to cross my desk. Bring on the egg nog, freinds. 

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