Saturday, December 09, 2017

Alone time with the big boys

This never happens!  But Harry and Jack and Cooper had a day off school, and Dorothy didn't.  We made the most of it by running some sibling gift exchange errands (interminable line at the craft store, but you guys, THIS IS GOING TO BE THE YEAR that I wrap cute presents.  I actually came home and wrapped an adorable hostess gift package--- and then the party got cancelled.  Wah-wah.)

Then!  We went bowling, which was so much for fun without a preschooler (no offense, preschooler).  Jack and Coop had just finished a bowling unit in gym class, so they were total pros, and we ordered some terrible bowling alley food delivered to our lane-- perfection!
 I wish I had taken more videos of Jack bowling-- so funny.  He's really really good at slapstick.

 You guys!  They fought over who got to hold Santa's sack!  I am so excited to not be the one who has to make the d*ck joke all the time!

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