Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve Eve Was the MERRIEST!

The gingerbread house!  WORKED!  And the kids had the best time decorating it! (these are from Christmas Eve Eve Eve)

 And then!  We shared a blanket and watched Elf, my favorite favorite.
 How cute is this??

 Oh yes!  We also recorded a Christmas Eve Eve episode of POTY. As always, you can listen on our website or on iTunes.
 We rounded everyone up and went to an Ugly Sweater holiday skate.

 (Harry was too cool for costumes)
 All in!
 My teeth are crazy white on the ice.  Good thing we are constantly in a rink these days.

 He's so fast and fearless!
 This was not the best idea
 I like to decorate gingerbread people to feel like I feel.

 J/K.  Who could be frowny or agape when it's this cozy? (Diehard, the best Christmas movie, on TV)
 Jeez, if only we baked a few things.

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