Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Merry Perfect Christmas

We stayed inside all day in our jammies.  We drank 2.5 bottles of champagne. We ate cinnamon rolls.  Instead of the fancy dinner we planned, we had fondue and gingerbread house.  All of the giant box of Fannie May candy in my stocking is gone.  IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER.

The kids took 2 hours opening gifts.  Which, maybe, is a sign that they got too many gifts.  Next year, I swear, we are holding back a little bit.  But!  I will say, a lot of the stuff they got this year fell into the "things they need" category.  Everyone got clothes and sports gear, for example.

But then they also got things like life-size dragons.  So.

Dorothy picked out a shirt/tie/sock comb for Ben at Nordstrom Rack, and she did a fab job, BTW.

I hope you all had a similarly cozy day where all of your wishes came true and you ate yourself a little sick on gingerbread people and Frango mints.

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