Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Eight Crazy Nights: Night 8

Water Park Night

I think my favorite part of this night was that we had points and all we ended up paying for was pizza.  I'M THE WORST.

Harry had pajama day yesterday, which, of course, begged the question HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT FROM ANY OTHER DAY?!

 Gingerbread house, here we come!
 Shopping for Beatrix, buying our LAST PRESENT of the holiday season.
 Kicking it in their hotel room eating junk food after school.
 We are faking our excitement.
 She was soooooo ready
 Wristbands unite!
 Water slide!
 More slide!
Poolside pizza!
We slept at home, but then we came back!  For breakfast!
Smell you next year, Hanukkah!

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