Monday, December 11, 2017

90th birthday fun!

The play Cakewalk opens with Lillian Hellman telling Dashiell Hammett that she wants a big jazz funeral.  I always liked that opening so much because I admired her sentiments-- a celebration of her life and a splashy one at that as a fitting farewell.  Now, though, I found something even better because it doesn't involve death and it happened in real life, so I could show my kids and say THAT!  DO THAT FOR ME!

A 90th birthday party with all of my kids and most of my grandkids and all of my great grandkids and cousins and nieces and nephews and lifelong girlfriends and even next door neighbors.

That's what Ben's grandma had on Sunday, and it was lovely.
 In this picture, Dorothy is talking to a nun.  Ben and I were sweating bullets.
 Then she asked us to take a selfie with her and we were like DUH.
One of many kids' tables.  LOOK AT HARRY AND JACK'S HAIR! 
 Grandkids being silly-- the whole family is silly and funny and rowdy.  Love it.  Ben's uncle got up to make a short speech calling the party to order and he said his mom asked him to say a prayer.  And also to keep it clean.  I can see myself having to remind a future grown up kid (cough cough Cooper cough cough) to keep profanity out of his BLESSING

It was a totally lovely day.

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