Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Whole30 Starts Tomorrow

And this face is exactly how I feel about it

Also the skin around my eyes is pure tissue paper these days because I am the oldest ever,

And! I kind of feel like the world might end, so why should I spend what could be some of my last 30 days not eating sugar?  It's insane.

Don't worry, I will bitch about it all month long, so stay tuned.

Dorothy and I ran errands yesterday-- super exciting ones.  The grocery store for butter because I forgot to order it with the rest of the groceries.  The other grocery store to pick up the groceries I ordered.  Old Navy to exchange a pair of pants for Cooper that i have been meaning to exchange since DECEMBER. And the dollar store for more Valentine craft supplies.  It's GREAT to take little kids to the dollar store because they ask for treats and you can always say yes because everything is a dollar.

Example:  This $1 Trolls balloon totally made Dorothy's day:

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  1. I love the dollar store! I feel like Oprah. "You get a headband! And you get a headband! We all get headbands!"
    I also love your lipstick. It's a gorgeous color!