Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Everything but finished pics of the toy room, which I have but then what will I talk about tomorrow?

 I have started making a playlist for Dorothy and Cooper's bath, and they LOVE IT, obvi.

Also, I am done stressing about what Dorothy wants to wear.  Instead, I am going to chronicle her most interesting fashion choices:
 I finally had a massage on Monday and I was so relaxed I didn't even mind being at Menards to buy stuff for our toy room makeover.  (I also shot some more Moms Everyday minutes, and when I came out of the house where they are filmed another mom blogger with straight dark hair, skinny jeans, and boots was going in.  WE ARE STEPFORD BLOGGERS)
 It's too cold to practice outside, so Happy Gilmore is working on his inside slap shot.
 Grillin and Chillin
 I am SUCH A LITTLE WIFEY.  I wore this apron for serious all afternoon Monday while I baked 2 kinds of (delicious, delicious cookies-- all of my 2017 cookies (3 batches) have been perfect, which means this is surely END TIMES).  The I wore it to make and clean up dinner, and when the kids were having their bath dance party, i caught site of myself in the mirror and realized I was still wearing it.
 Spontaneous toy room mini makeover in progress:
 The kids had standardized tests (which harry flew through and bombed-- he gets that from me), so I made them a mega protein breakfast yesterday.
 Harry said his steak, ham, swiss, and egg bagel sandwich was better than a coffee shop, and Ben was jealous.
 I spent lunch yesterday with an old friend from my MA program, and it was wonderful-- old friends are the best friends.

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