Thursday, January 05, 2017


As soon as we got back to our hotel room, I googled feminist Hamilton analysis because I want to know what smart people think about the women in the show, so I can arrange my own thoughts.  And I am... undecided.  There is definitely a better race analysis happening there than a gender one.  But I still loved the show so much OMG so much.

I have listened to the soundtrack a few times, but it just didn't do to much for me. And Ben and I listened to it all the way to Chicago and thought same thing.  In fact, we were a little worried that we wouldn't like the show (I KNOW-- gasp and clutch your pearls, I totally deserve it). But now that I have seen the show?  It's wonderful, and so is the Hamilton Mixtape.  Basically I love everything about all of it and even bought a t-shirt because I am a huge dork, married to the huge dork who bought a hat.  All the hype?  Doesn't even do it justice.

On the way to Chicago, we stopped for a late breakfast/early lunch (BRUNCH YOU IDIOT-- PEOPLE CALL THAT BRUNCH) with my high school BFF.  And we are both super old ladies who are talked about our dietary restrictions most of the time.  But!  She is way cooler than I am because she is closing down her whole insurance office to MARCH ON WASHINGTON after inauguration.  Such a nasty woman.
 I picked the WRONG SHOES for walking around the city in the rain.
 Also I scraped the shit out of them and rubbed the suede off the back of both heels walking across the bridge to take this pic.  And the sight of the building made me so bummed that I didn't buy 2 different rings at Tiffany or two purses I liked at Louis Vuitton.  I was just not into it.  HOW SAD IS THAT?  (Also, all the clothes at Zara are for teeny tiny little stick people).
 Midday martini.
 We had a pre-show dinner at Gibson's because we want to be friends with Kevin and Jenny from The League. 
 Picture FAIL.
 We were almost late for the show, hence the terrible marquis pic.  Also, I didn't get a playbill, and I like nothing more than reading playbill cast bios (for serious).

We met up with another old friend for a drink after the show and complained about the upcoming political moment.  It's so fun to know smart, politically engaged friends in every city. #thanksforensics
Wearing our new Hamilton merch.  Except this was a total selfie FAIL because you cannot see Ben's awesome A dot Burr hat.
 Here it is.


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