Tuesday, January 03, 2017


I don't think it is silly or overreacting to say that I am profoundly sad that Hillary Clinton isn't our president.  I am also completely freaked out by PEOTUS's Twitter-- I don't think it's all him-- it's a coordinated propaganda campaign that is really terrifying--and not very optimistic about the year ahead.  So!  MOAR navel gazing is in order because I do have a lovely little life, filled with lovely little people and fun friends and work I enjoy.  But!  That doesn't mean I am going to ignore the state of our world.  On the contrary, I am working on getting involved in local causes that I care about-- more about that later.  Now-- let me share the rest of Hanukkah with you because it was little and lovely, too.

I took Cooper and Jack grocery hopping which generally sucks because they are the two kids who fight the most. But they were having such a sweet moment on the bench while I checked out that I couldn't help but take a picture of how big and little they are.
 Hanukkah lights and totally half-assed dinner.  The kid opened books and bath bombs for night 7, a polite way of saying go the fuck to sleep.
 Thought bubble balloon from the partys tore where we went for NYE crowns.
 We saw Moana on NYE morning-- loved it.
 And had lunch at Culvers-- always a big hit (seriously they have my fave fast food salad by far)
 The kids had a sibling gift exchange to round out Hanukkah.  YUGE hit.

 I am going to try the gratitude bowl again this year-- I need to focus on the sweetly mundane.
 We went to a NYE party, and Cooper definitely lived his best life.

 Meanwhile, my whole phone was a series of failed selfies.

 Too cool for the dance party raging around him.

 She snagged a balloon from the balloon drop and guarded it with her life.

 Despite a hangover I thought might kill me, I made a nice breakfast to kick off 2017

 Which the kids ate with their usual good manners.


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