Monday, January 09, 2017

Hockey ate my weekend

Ben is going to KILL ME when he gets home fro  the paint store and realizes that the important work I had to do was write this blog post and that's why I didn't take off any outlet covers or take down any pictures in the toy room that we are panting TONIGHT.  Long story.

But!  I could not do those things because I didn't blog yesterday for the first time all year and it already feels like forever.

Harry played 3 games this weekend and his team won all of them!  So, we were pretty much at the hockey rink(s) all weekend.

Before we left on Saturday, though, Beatrix washed Dorothy's face after breakfast.
 And Cooper played a creepy little game.
 I made a bad pants choice because HOCKEY IS COLD
 After 2 game son Saturday, we went out for dinner and took a million selfies because we were all bored sitting around together and Harry was EXHAUSTED and not his usual sparkling conversationalist (I mean that seriously-- he is really entertaining).

Dorothy looks like I felt:
 They squeezed in like sardines even though the bench was huge and they stayed like that the whole time.  It was weird.  And cute.
 We only squished together for the picture.

 After the kids went to ben, Ben and I watched Bright Lights on HBO and I cried and cried and cried.
 On Sunday we had another game and then the kids had a couple hockey friends over spontaneously for pizza and an ice cream sundae buffet because when friends come over, I always try to feed them a healthy lunch **eyeroll**
You know, now that I have typed it all out, I don't know why the whole thing was more important than the toy room painting project.  Hmmm...  It isn't a long story, by the way.  Basically, the kids got too much stuff for the holidays and their toys finally leaked out into the family room and I wanted new furniture in the whole basement and a kid-bathroom remodel on the main floor and Ben talked me into some new shelves, a coat of paint, and a chalkboard wall for the toy room.  I'll update you when it's over.  Also, Ben is procrastinating on class prep-- it;s part of his process.

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  1. And you're reading the new Zadie Smith :)!