Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Winter, man.

Preschool!  Is not enough time for me to live my damn life!

Ben went back to work this morning, and I was suddenly on my own with all the children and I miss him in a blankie kind of way.  This morning was a whirlwind!

Also, damn you, winter.
 The kids have been super crabby in the tub basically for years.  There were so many nights when I would threaten them with no bedtime story (that's how you know you're winning at parenting) to make the fake crying, screaming, whines stop.  But then!  I made them a (super annoying) playlist, and now the bath is the FUNNEST EVER.
 Cooper's class is doing these velcro letter lines to sign in every morning, and Dorothy did one, too.  I love her so much, BTW.
 Oh!  THIS BAG has changed my life by making me so much more organized and cutting down on the amount of shopping bags full of kid-crap I have to drag places (NONE!  I DON'T USE ANY OF THEM!)  Here it is all packed up for dance class today.  Luckily, one of Dorothy's recital dances requires the participation of an American Girl doll (hey there, time to examine the level of privilege in your life, huh?  every damn girl in the class has at least one AG doll to dance with, and no mom batted an eye at the request that their THREE YEAR OLD bring one).

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