Monday, January 02, 2017

Resolutions, I Have a Few

You guys!

I sucked at maintaining my massages and pedicures because I didn't have enough time.  I got pedicures religiously through September but then started doing them myself, and I have not had a massage in like 5 months because my favorite therapist was on maternity leave.  But!  She is back and I will be, too, next week.

So, this year, I am going even simpler.

1.  Floss everyday (this should be something an adult does all the time anyway, but, alas).
2.  Take my makeup off everyday (same).
3.  Work on my posture.
4.  Use My Fitness Pall everyday even if I way overshoot my calories.
5.  Play more board games with the kids.
6.  Join at least one local activist group and work on a local cause.
7.  Pretend like life is one huge high school oratory round and CALL MY ELECTED REPS when I am unhappy with the way the world works.  I have my congresspeople and senators on speed dial.
8. Resist.  That's my word for 2017.  I like it because it can apply to many scenarios.  For instance, I can resist my own worst impulses to eat too much and slack off with exercise and be impatient with the kids and eat raw cookie dough by the handful (sort of like eating too much, but also deserving of its own category because DAMN).  And I can resist the untold horrors that the Trump administration has in store for us in a million ways both tiny and large.
9.  Snack from the fridge first.  For me and kids.  I need to stop grabbing handfuls of pantry foods and cut up a pepper or an apple or eat some carrots or have a yogurt when I am hungry and same for the little urchins who snack every 45 minutes round the clock.
10.  Post on this blog 5 times a week.  This is a lofty goal, but last year was one of my lowest posting years of the last 10, and I will miss my mundane record of our lives when I am older and remember even less than I do now, which is terrifying when I think of how many things I have forgotten.
11.  Have one-on-one time with each kid every week.  I almost always get this with Dorothy and Harry by virtue of bedtimes and schedules, but I need to work harder to connect with Cooper and Jack.
12.  Write a scholarly essay like I am person with a PhD who works in academia because I AM THOSE THINGS
13.  Finish the novel I have been working on since 2013.
14.  Make steady progress on my memoir.
15.  For the last 3 things to happen, I need to create time to write and treat it as a real commitment.  I have done this in shirt bursts for a few years, but then things get busy, and writing is the first thing to go.  I can honor my word of the year and RESIST the tendency to put writing at the bottom of every pile.  But I am not sure how.  This is the most amorphous one on the list, and I would love suggestions for how to make it happen.

2017:  Not a Total Dumpster Fire.  I Hope.

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