Wednesday, January 04, 2017

The best 27 hours of my year so far

Oh you guys!

We FINALLY saw Hamilton!

Ben got tickets the second they went on sale for Chicago.  He was at swim lessons with his iPad, his phone, and his computer and finally got them on his phone for yesterday-- and this was like 6 months ago.  AND WE HAVE BEEN EXCITED EVER SINCE.

We went with friends, spent the night in the city, shopped on Michigan Avenue, had a huge steak dinner before the show, drank martinis, saw old friends along the way-- IT WAS THE BEST 27 HOURS we've had all year.

My lovely parents watched the kiddies for us overnight, and I don't even care that we haven't unpacked everything and the kitchen is wrecked from the dinner we fell upon as soon as we walked in the door because EVERYONE GOES TO SCHOOL TOMORROW except for me and Ben!!!!

Pictures and a gushing discussion of the show tomorrow.

For now, check out my latest Madison Moms Blog post and tell me if you made any parenting resolutions this year.

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