Saturday, January 07, 2017

Finally, the double-header movie date of our dreams

Every year we say we are going to go to the movies and see 2 in a row to catch up on awards season films.  And we finally did it!  Because our baby is almost 4!

Only we saw Why Him and La La Land, so not both awards contenders, obvi.  But DAMN was Why Him? hilarious.  We liked La La Land, but I felt like it was maybe over-hyped a little? (Which was exactly what I feared about Hamilton, but don't worry-- that shit is as awesome as you have heard).

Our movie double-header was everything we thought it would be-- a 5:20 movie, greasy food delivered to our reclining seats (Why ARE Americans so fat and sluggish? It's a mystery), a couple of rum and diet pepsis (we are watching our girlish figures), a 7:30 movie, some Swedish Fish and Milk Duds from the grocery store, and it was the perfect night.  We were home by 10 and asleep before 11.  BECAUSE WE ARE PARTY ANIMALS.

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