Thursday, January 26, 2017

Best. Day. Ever.

I was TOTALLY dreading yesterday because, as you can see from the above shot of my planner, my time was basically mapped out from the moment my eyes opened until 8:00 when Harry's junior high open house (I KNOW!) ended.  And then I would still have to bring everyone home and put them to bed.  OMG.  It kind of gives me a stomach ache just to look at it.

But I did all my Tuesday night prep after I got home form seeing Split with a friend (it was scary and definitely worth a $5 Tuesday), and I went to bed pretty early to a gentle snowfall.

I woke up Wednesday morning at the prescribed 5:00 and got right on my elliptical, and about 3/4 way through my workout, I got a text that the big kids' school was closed due to hazardous weather.  I tore upstairs to check, and it didn't actually look very snowy (4-6 inches-ish?) but it was sleeting like mad, and the roads were a sheet of glass.

And then I did the happiest happy dance EVAR because all of our activities are tied the the school district, and they were ALL CANCELLED!  Preschool?  Closed when the district closes.  Dance class?  Gymnastics?  Tutoring?  Hockey?  Open house?  ALL CANCELLED.

It was my own little Wednesday miracle.

We stayed in our jammies all day.  All of the 10 year-old boys in the 'hod went to a friend's house for laser tag and lunch.  We went sledding at the school because no one has a broken arm anymore.  We built a snowman. I took a 2 hour nap when we all piled on the couch with pillows and blankets and snacks to watch Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.  It was basically the best day ever.

Tuesday night, I swung by the dollar store on my way home and got enough v-day craft supplies for all 4 kids for $9.  But then Harry was like NO WAY, JOSE.  So, he'll have to pick out some pre-made licensed character valentines later because he is obvs too cool.
 But everyone else loved them.
 Harry, pre hanging out with friends.  He was in that spot on the couch for at least an hour when he first woke up.
 Dorothy loves to sled so much now that she is all fixed.
 Pefrect snowball snow!
 They made me pull them all the way home in this sled.
 Jack learned the fine art of rolling huge snowballs.
 We baked, also.  And Dorothy ate her weight in cookie dough when my back was turned.
 Cooper got this really cool Star Wars art set for his birthday, and he finally opened it yesterday, which killed a pleasant 30 minutes.
 We even took another trip to the school for more sledding.
 I got Ben this microwave popcorn thing for Christmas, and it is AWESOME.
 Cooper also ate like a whole tube of Pringles.

Harry made Oreo milkshakes, which I highly recommend as an pre-nap snack should you be luck enough to enjoy your own snow day.

And when Ben finally came home, I busted out the champagne because we survived!

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  1. I'm in love with the picture of Dorothy in the kitchen! It captures the moment perfectly- up on her tip toes, helping her Mom bake, her mouth loaded with dough. Lol
    Congratulations on an awesome snow day