Sunday, January 15, 2017

In the midst of a hockey-filled weekend, of course

I took Harry and Jack to see Hidden Figures on Friday after school, and it was WONDERFUL and we all loved it.  On the way home, we had excellent conversations about women's rights and civil rights, and all of us were struck by the short timeline.  The movie was set in 1961, and that WASN'T VERY LONG AGO.  I stopped off to get them a burger after the movie, and we ran into a neighbor and his kid who were between basketball games, and he asked me if the three of us were on a date, and we kind of were. 

But the real date was my favorite kind-- a couch date. Hygge may be a sign of xenophobic populism, but I love it anyway sometimes.

(The boys and I picked up Indian takeout after they had burgers, and they opted to use the time we were waiting for food at the library down the street from the restaurant because Jack had a biography project to research hashtag raising readers.)

Ben's cousin sent the kids the hilarious game that they played on Christmas Eve at Ben's grandma's house, and we were really excited to open it because we knew the kids would LOVE it when they woke up.

Looking at this picture, I realize that my serving of garlic naan (the best food in the world? yes, I think it is) shouldn't be larger than my serving of vegetable vindaloo, but what are you going to do? (Actually, I m going to do the Whole 30 next month.  Pray for me).  (Seriously).
 Couch date AND stretchy pants.  The perfect Friday night.
 Dorothy had been making me braid her hair when it's wet at night, so she can wake up with curls, and I thought she might like REAL CURLS.  The sight of her in her old lady rollers did not disappoint.
 I knew Doggie Doo would bring joy.

When I took the rollers out, she looked a little Barbara Bush-y

 Harry's hockey team got to skate out the flag and play a quick between-periods game at the UW women's hockey game yesterday.  Every year, they do an event called "Fill the Bowl" where they try to set an NCAA attendance record by selling tickets for $1 AND collect a ton of food donations.  Yesterday, there were over 15,900 people there, and Harry's team got to play in front of them-- pretty cool.

We got there super early (Ben's doing), and we spent time taking selfies:

 I cropped myself out of this one and tagged it #Badgers and posted it on Instagram, and it SHOWED UP ON THE JUMBOTRON, which the kids thought was both cool and creepy.  I agree.
 Harry is #13!!  (I have no pics of the flag ceremony because I filmed the whole thing, but it was cool, and the Tron had close-up pics of the kids holding it, and they still have fat little baby hands).
 There they are waiting to go on after the first period
 And then they were PLAYING ON THE BIG ICE like real hockey players!  It was super cool, and Ben and I smiled the whole time.
 Harry's entire strategy is to be the guy who stands in the crease and shoves the puck in the net and sometimes gets punched.
 So cute!
 We felt like we were on a date because Dorothy started playing with her favorite hockey sib, who was sitting right in front of her; Cooper tuned into his iPad and stopped whining about how he didn't like his ice cream, and Jack tucked into his nachos and watched the game.
 Ben swung Dorothy around while crowd sang Varsity.
 And then we pressed our luck by taking everyone to the golf course bar for pizza.
 Which was actually really fun because we used our screens for good and played Heads Up while we waited for the food and also because the bar was rowdy and screaming drunkenly (really drunkenly for 7:00) at the Patriots game, and our kids were comparatively quiet.
 We were so early that we could take advantage of the face painting before the game.  Dorothy took the whole thing super seriously, as you can see.

And now?  We are off to a hockey double header, a small break, and a hockey game for Cooper.  And also, I need to clean 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room while Ben cleans another bedroom, a toy room, and a family room and wrangles kids.  Day of rest?  What day of rest?

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