Monday, January 16, 2017

Such a cozy little weekend.

We had nothing to do (besides, you know 3 hockey games) yesterday, and we had a chance to celebrate baby henry's second birthday (I cannot EVEN believe that he is 2, and he was THE CUTEST LITTLE NEWBORN EVER), so we basically just sat around the house and cooked and baked and it was delicious. 
 Dorothy is a HUGE FAN of chocolate frosting, obvi.
 Oh!  I finally read this, and it's really great.  Not as good as the originals, of course, but excellent fan fic and really fun to read because hanging out with all my old friends who are now MY EXACT AGE was amazing.
 Dorothy and Cooer picked out the block truck and blocks we bought Henry all by themselves last week, and they have been DYING to give it to him.  And when Dorothy suggested that we "decowate" Baby Henry's cupcake with candles. how could I refuse?
 (Not only did we make Pioneer Woman's pot roast, but we used her dutch oven to cook it, and I used my PW pot to cook additional carrots.  I guess you could say I am a fan of the brand.  Also!  I made soda bread in my bread machine, and it was wonderful and made really nice buttermilk French toast for breakfast.  And!  For the first time, I boiled my fingerling potatoes before roasting them, and this is absolutely the RIGHT THING TO DO OMG)
 Happy birthday, Baby Henry!

Oh!  I found a GREAT app.  It's called 1 Second Everyday, and it makes a montage of your year based on video clips.  It also sends really helpful reminders to record video, and it's really, really, really easy to use.  I always want to take more video of the kids, and this is working OK so far (I mean, there are already several days where I forgot to take video and had to choose a picture instead, but I am learning).

Ok, off to clean the house (yay!) and then take the ids to see what looks like the worst movie ever (boo!)

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