Friday, January 06, 2017

New Year's Day: The Day of the Sloth

I am going to always celebrate NYD like we did this year.  By doing nothing besides drinking champagne.  WHAT A GREAT FREAKING DAY.  Obviously, this meant I had to slide into my resolution about healthy eating (implied in the My Fitness pal rezzie), but it was worth it for a day of PJ's and sloth.

(Harry and I took a walk at some point because it was warmish and sunny and I really needed the vitamin D.)

 We even went outside to  watch the kids play in the slush, and DAMN do I look rough with no makeup in natural light.  Yikes.
 She sand do you want to make a melt man, and it was pretty cute.
 I continued the day in my bath tub with a bath bomb and a pretty good book and the new Norah Jones on my bluetooth speaker.
Ben  got semi-dressed and went grocery shopping and came home with pizza pop tarts, chips and onion dip, and all the stuff for primo ice cream sundaes.  It was a good, good, day.

 We had to get dressed on January 2, though, to go to my parents' house in preparation for Hamilton.  We didn't mind because we got to listen to the Badger game in the car and stop for lunch at everybody's favorite nutritionally void restaurant--- Culver's.  Again.
 We ended our night at the adorable Mexican place in Pekin (where the grilled chicken salad is pretty all right and the margaritas are $2.)
And then we went to Hamilton-- you already know how the story of our winter break ended.  HAPPILY.  (I mean, the kids got to see Sing again, even, and if there's one thing they like better than seeing a movie in the theater, it is seeing it AGAIN, which is something they almost never get to do because it costs $100 to take them to the movies.  My god.  So many kids).

And now?  THEY ARE BACK IN SCHOOL!  **cue the heavens opening and angels singing**

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