Friday, November 07, 2014

Still don't know how to use my camera, but that's not stopping me.

House is clean.

Laundry is done.

Made tonight's dinner last night, and my bread machine is humming away on the counter.

Our sweet babysitter is on her way over so I can go volunteer in Harry's class, otherwise I would be sleeping like the babies and the dog.

You guys!  I am TERRIBLE at using my new camera.  We are supposed to get snow (luckily Ben is prepared-- he bought a snow blower so big we can't park his car in the garage anymore) on Monday, so I hope to take advantage of the rest of the almost not too cold to go outside without crying weather and take the kids to a park to practice taking pictures tomorrow.

In the meantime

A little Frozen dance party.  Love how I got the back of her head and cut Harry's off.  I am clearly a natural with this camera.
 She is OBSESSED with Frozen.  Listens or watches all day.  I ordered her an Elsa and Anna nightgown on Zulily yesterday-- I think she is going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  I told her her new blue tutu looked like Elsa's dress, and she wants to wear it with everything.  (see below)
 Also really good friends.
 I have a knock for catching people at the most unflattering angle.  It's a gift.
 Cooper's feet were SO COLD
 Jack, mid scamper.
 What the hell is Cooper doing?
 So, so serious.
 There we go-- she's a happy girl, really.
 Her tutu was no match for the Velcro on the mats at The Little Gym.  It's  a little shreddy.
 She loves bubbles.  Loves them.
 Look at that concentration.
 Random but I just loved the way her tutu poked out of her sweet little coat.  Cooper was throwing rocks at cars while I took these, BTW.  Oops.
 An excellent tutu holder.


  1. If I didn't know that Harry is in 3rd grade, I would swear he's a teenager! A cool teenager btw.
    I love the pics of serious Dorothy with her pigtails, plaid shirt, and tutu. Sooo cute!
    (As for what Cooper is doing in that one pic, looks like he's pooping?)

  2. Anonymous8:49 PM

    such sweet kids