Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving in iPhotos

 Not one single good picture of all 4 before we got on the road Thursday morning.  But could I love Dorothy's dress more?  Nope.

Here she is holding her "mamas" and her "ee-ee" singing "Let it Go" on the way to Des Moines.
 After she stacked her blocks, she was quick to instigate a round of applause-- same thing after she knocked them over.
 an animated conversation
 A super fun game where she climbed on top of the toy box and jumped off until she inevitably fell and smacked her head on some toys.
 OMG she loved playing the piano-- she played and sang very seriously for quite some time.  It was adorable.
 Pretty sure he was dancing and this is actually a happy face.  Yikes.
 Once I realized around 4:30 that she was really up, we colored.
 At 6, I went into the other room and got Ben.  He took Dorothy with him, and I slept until 8.  Ben corralled all 4 ids in our adjoining room and shut the connecting doors and fed them room service breakfast.  There was a fruit bowl and a yogurt parfait and a vanilla latte waiting for me when I woke up.

We had a pretty sweet hotel set up-- a one-bedroom suite and a connecting room.  Ben and the boys slept in the double beds; Ben and I hung out in the living room after we put the kids to bed, and Dorothy and I shared a king.  If she wasn't the worst roomie ever, it would have been a perfect arrangement.
 I think the glow of Black Friday is what convinced her that 3:45 was a good time to be awake.
 The boys all love a good hotel pool.
 Jack the most, maybe.
 Dorothy got part way in and then refused to try it again-- too cold.  I agreed but since Ben was all FOTY while I slept, I got in with Cooper.
 Dorothy was a little hot in the heated, balmy pool area, but she liked it that way.
 I tried really hard to stay dry, but Jack made that not happen.
 After the pool, Ben and they boys went to see Big Hero 6, and Dorothy and I snuggled under the covers and went to sleep for a couple of hours.  But the nap did little to improve her mood.  We hung out at my grandma's most of the day and held our traditional night-after-Thanksgiving pizza party in the lobby of our hotel, which was convenient snce our baby could not keep her shit together.
 She was sort of happy throwing glass balls off the lobby tree (canNOT wait to have a ball-covered tree of our own because I am sure that keeping her away from it will be a snap.)
 A quick Starbucks milk break.  She has it so rough.
 Cooper was a little clingy.
 Then she woke up at 3-freaking 45 this morning after waking from 12-2 and only going back to a fitful sleep when she nursed. We hadn't nursed in almost a week, but I guess we are doing THAT again.  Bah.

She and I were dressed for our day by 6.
 I stuck Ben with the babies and took the boys back to the pool.
 They seriously love hotel pools.
 Dorothy freaked out some more at my grandma's house and then passed out in the car as soon as we backed out of the driveway-- she even looks grumpy in her sleep!


  1. Ah, road trips. We haven't taken one since last December. So excited to take one with our sweet, docile V in a mere 21 days.

    God I wish I could drink wine right now....

    Dorothy's dress was gorgeous. I laughed a lot at the dancing Cooper picture. :)

  2. We need videos of singing Dorothy and dancing Cooper. Oh! And of jack flying through the air!

  3. OMG babies are such awesome travelers. Your hotel arrangement sounds like a dream though. Now I want to go to an indoor pool.