Monday, November 03, 2014

Monday in pictures

I just shattered a $20 Lifefactory glass water bottle  (WEARING ITS SILICONE GIRDLE THING) all the hell over my office floor, and the crazy thing is that I will be stopping at Whole Foods to buy another one because I love it so much.  But maybe I will switch to stainless steel?

You can expect fascinating tidbits like that ALL MONTH because it's NaBloPoMo.  You are so welcome.  In advance.

I was going to come here at bitch about how hard my Mondays are what with all the picking up and dropping off and role-switching, but there are 3 more left, so I am saving that topic.  Again, lucky you.  Mostly I am saving it because I have a lot to say about the subject, and I only have 35 minutes before I need to be in a meeting, and there are some pretty substantial tasks staring at me from my to-do list.  So.  Pictures?

OK, you need to make these.  I call them Fat Elvis muffins.  Pretty standard banana muffins with 1 cup chocolate chips and all the Reese's PB cups your kids have left.  My kids only had about 8, which is why I needed the choc chips, but if your kids aren't total PB cup hogs, you could do without choc chips and use tons of PB cups.  (I DON'T EVEN HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO SPELL SHIT OUT).  I am allergic to banana and cannot eat these (which is the reason I MADE them), but I hear they are delicious, and they smelled terrific.

I asked Dorothy what se wanted to wear this morning while holding her up to her closet, and she snagged this tutu and said "That," and "boops."  Okay then.
 After preschool drop-off, we came home and ordered a couple more tutus on Etsy.  She got the one she's wearing at the American Girl vendor sale, and it's awesome, but I cannot find the FB page of the woman who made it-- she also made great bows.  Oh well-- there's always next year.
 Best friends.
 Dorothy loves to be in charge of Cooper's backpack which is really handy because he abdicates responsibility, and I usually don't have enough hands.  (how much do you want to bet we forget to put our pumpkins in the trash and they rot before next week?)
 Two seconds.  I left her alone for two seconds.  Also, I really hate that painting.  Ben has hated it since I bought it at Bombay a million years ago, but it always had a grandma's house kind of charm.  But now I hate it, too.  What do do with a giant blank wall, though?
 She's singing Let it Go here.


  1. Anonymous6:59 PM

    You could have purchased ravi verma painings in Bombay ,they are so beautiful

  2. D has the best style!

  3. Chalkboard wall? I kind of want one for homework time!

  4. Lisa R.1:07 PM

    Keep the frame, replace what's inside! Find a print you love (in store, online, whatevs), print in the size that works for the frame and voila! You'll love it again. Or put a mirror there. Wall sconce? Bed Bath and Beyond usually has some neat metal 3D wall art. OR! You have family photos soon for the holidays, if you like it get a digital copy and print it somewhere in the right size for the frame (usually cheaper than the photo place or photographer) and BAM! You could change it yearly if you really like the family photos you get. Hope that helps!