Thursday, November 06, 2014

Blah blah blah

Oh you guys.  I did not pick up my new camera AT ALL today.  But luckily, my sweet friend sent me some excellent pictures her husband took at our Halloween party a couple weeks ago. Want to see them?

Cooper's class playvdate went just as well as you might imagine.  Lost of screaming and not sharing. He almost killed a girl wrenching Dorothy's Bitty Baby from her stunned arms and screaming "No!  That my baby's baby!"

Then when it was time for everyone to leave, he went ape shit and had to go lie down with a sucker, a pacifier, and an iPad to calm down.  "No Wyatt leave!" he wailed.  "Louise stay my house!"  It was pretty funny.  Or it would have been if I got to leave, too.  Instead it was loud and long.

After nap, I was overcome with a desire to eat Fritos in my chili (I made crockpot chili for dinner.  it was good.  You should try it.), and we were out of potty training bribe M&Ms, so I did something I try desperately to avoid: took both babies grocery shopping (for the world's most unhealthy grocery list).

They were super helpful.

OUR DISHWASHER BROKE.  Which is terrible, as you might imagine.  I really hope the guy can come fix it tomorrow because so many dishes.  SO MANY DISHES.

In happier news, I scored 2 adorable dresses at Anthropologie, and one of them is strictly a work dress.  The other one, though, I think can be work appropriate and then with a jeweled sash and sparkly earrings and slutty shoes can also be cocktail party-appropriate.  At leas that's what I am telling myself.  Maybe I will just look tarty at work. Whatevs.  The best part was that they were both too big and I had to ask the dressing room girl for the next size down.  I love vanity sizing the most.  I also bought a statement necklace which is something I always like on other people but generally hate on myself/don't know how to wear.  The cockatil-y dress is kind of bare on top (I would say low cut but that would make it sound even less work appropriate), so I needed some beads to fill in, you know?

What else?  Erm.  I don't really have a post-a-day kind of life, KWIM? Mostly I just change diapers, dispense potty M&Ms, and drink wine after bedtime.


  1. Lindsay5:26 PM

    Links to the cute anthro dresses?

  2. Lindsay5:27 PM

    Links to the cute anthro dresses?