Wednesday, November 05, 2014

New Camera!

 I got a big girl camera yesterday!  After over a year of nothing but my iPhone, I finally finally finally have a DSLR!  I am so excited!  Like I don't post enough pictures of my kids, right?  But now I can post BETTER pictures of them.

Look!  You can see all of his missing teeth!
 Such great details-- you can SEE him thinking about that math worksheet.  Or maybe that reading response.  No clue.  I am hands-off this year when it comes to homework.  You know why?  Because I have already done the third grade.  Also because the math is kind of hard.
 He's a monster.  (Really.  You guys.  My whole day is spent trying not to piss him off).
 Jack.  It was a big day for him yesterday.  Not only did he get to be line leader and snack helper (these coveted roles go in line-order, and he has been waiting for DAYS), but this week they are studying the "ack" cluster, and Jack is totally an ack word.
  Jack and girl Jack
 All this sweet girl wants to do is comb her hair with cream cheese and stack blocks.  Maybe watch Frozen and jump off some furniture.  I will video her singing Let it Go with arm gestures.  It's much.

Harry is obsessed with football

 Even though his season is over, he plays it everyday at both recesses, reads ESPN everyday, subscribes to Sports Illustrated Kids, watches in all day Sunday, and talks about it incessantly.
 Sweet Beatrix.
 She was super helpful last night as we watched the sad, sad election results.
 And Ben put together an IKEA table.  Yes, yes we are too old for IKEA furniture.  Yes, we are still buying it.  Screw it.

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