Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday randoms

So, like I said, my parents were in town to watch the babies so we could have a blissful time in Chicago.  We came home from our trip, and a babysitter came over like 2 hours later (this went over HUGE with the babies, as you might imagine).  We went out to dinner at a cute bar downtown and then saw Wanda Sykes.  We had amazing seats-- 5th row-- close enough to be heckled even-- but we weren't heckled.  I fell asleep mid show, actually-- I was SO TIRED from the weekend.  And my beer wore off.  Moments after my dad took the above picture, a security guard came by and threatened to take away our phones.  So. No more pictures of the evening.

Oh!  I got my first Stitch Fix fi!  Like an idiot, I only took a picture of the box, not the clothes.  Duh.  Next month, I will do better.  I only kept 2/5 things-- a really awesome chunky white cardigan and a super cute striped gray t-shirt that will be perfect for capturing that polished mom vibe I can never quite capture.  I would never pick up either of these things in a store, so I was happy to suddenly find them on my bed.  I sent back some dumpy wine-colored Mavi cords (if I am going to spend a hundred bucks or so on pants, they need to be cuter than that), a weird cowl neck black sweater with these inexplicable front pockets that gave me a FUPA, and a really meh houndstooth blouse that I almost kept because it looked good with the cardi.  But then I found a cuter shirt at Nordstrom Rack and sent the meh one packing.  You can tell the company how much you want to spend (I try to keep it at around $300 for the whole box) and what you like to wear.  You give them all your sizes, and you can link to Pinterest boards that help explain the looks you are going for.  Next month, I asked for trendy jeans and cute tops that can go from mom- to work- to date night (does this even exist?) and a statement necklace.  You can also leave really detailed feedback on each shipment to help refine their searches, and you can schedule your box to come as frequently as you'd like.  Every mom in my hood uses this service.  I was at wine club two months ago, and every single person I complimented told me they got whatever item I liked through Stitch Fix. I went home and signed up that night!  It took awhile for my first fix to come, but now I am all set for every 4 weeks.
 We bought Dorothy a pair of light-up Elsa high heels at the Disney store on Michigan Avenue (so many great stores, and we were at freaking Disney.  SO SAD), and she loves them.  She looks like a little suburban mom herself in this get-up
 Cooper is dying laughing because seconds before I took THIS picture, Dorothy fed Beatrix a spoonful of cereal.
 I did something that most people do all the time: I took my kid with me to the library.  I aways try to go on my own time, but I have been using that time to do work because OH MY GOD FINALS ARE COMING SOON, so I had to bring a toddler.
 She liked the grubby toys and acres of books to unshelf.
 And she was thrilled to find blocks to stack.  Stacking is her favorite.
 Well.  Stacking and dumping.  She made herself right at home.

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