Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Serial-- you guys-- it lives up to the hype

You guys, the amount of work I got done at work today is truly remarkable.  Also, I think it's why I am so fat.  All the sitting in my chair day in and day out doing tedious things.  GOOD THING I DON'T GO TO THE OFFICE EVERYDAY.  But really, the amount of work I got done is only remarkable because I wanted to be listening to Serial so badly every second of the day.  I only started listening yesterday morning on the elliptical, and before you know it between exercising and driving 15 miles an hour to and from work on the snow and ice and walking to the parking garage with my head down against the wind and shopping at Whole Foods and the conventional store with throngs of others, I have gone through 6/9 episodes.  IT'S SO GOOD.  I am addicted to a good mystery, and this one's the best.  I can't even write about it because I need to go hear it right now.  At hockey practice.  Freezing and trying to look super engaged but my earbuds give me away.

You should really go listen to it.

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  1. I am completely obsessed. And now listen to the Slate Serial podcast afterwards as well as Serial Serial (by the AV Club staff) and text with a friend every Thursday about it. Obsessed.