Saturday, November 08, 2014

Dress help

We are going out BEFORE putting the kids to bed-- something we haven't really been able to do since before Cooper.  It's totally amazing.  I mean, yes, Dorothy will miss nursing before bed, but she doesn't NEED to.

It's exciting to leave the house before we are so tired we figure we might as well just have some wine on the couch, which is what hap[pens when sitters come over AFTER baby bedtime.  Maybe I should call it toddler bedtime, really.

Ok, here are the Anthro dresses I bought. 

Dress #1

Dress # 2

Questions:  What the hell shoes to wear with the first one?  I am thinking leopard print booties that I already have or olive green oxford wedges that I already have and maybe a red and blue scarf also from Anthro with a crazy pattern.  I am a patter mixer.

But the second one:  What shoes/booties for daytime?

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